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Dynamic IP Addresses

When using a video server with a dynamic IP address, you are using your ISP's service to do something they didn't really design it to do. You may even be in violation of your service agreement with the ISP. If you need "Mission Critical" 24/7, dependable, uninterrupted availability, you should get a static IP address. And yes, they can be expensive.

That said, here is the other major issue with a dynamic IP address: it sometimes changes. If it changes, the people trying to access your site from the internet will find that the link has suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason. This issue we can deal with by using a gateway router, and having some awareness of how the system currently works. Also be aware that if the ISP decides your site is using much more bandwidth than their agreement allows for, or violates their service agreement, they can easily shut you off. And then there's nothing we can do to help you restore service.

Normally, though, since changing an IP address is not a trivial exercise even for the seemingly all-powerful ISP, you would be notified in advance of the interruption to your service. This is one of the reasons we can even consider using the dynamic IP address. If you've decided that a dynamic IP address will be adequate for your purposes. What next? You need a gateway router. For purposes of this demonstration, we will go over the steps needed to configure a fairly common router. With other routers, the steps will be similar, but you may need to contact that router manufacturer for specific details. (In time, even this Netgear router's software will change. These are technologies that evolve very rapidly!) Here, then, are the basic steps involved in this installation:

• Set up your LAN. This basically means getting your computer talking to your router.
• Configure your router to allow access from the "outside world".
• Trace your dynamic IP address to find the host name. This is what people will type in their browser to access your site. Information provided with permission by Advanced Technology Video, Inc.

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