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Version 1.75 - Free upgrade to all users

New in version 1.75:

  • MPEG4 supportfor Vivotek and DLink MPEG4 devices
  • USB Joystickscan be used to Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Highlight Motion: You can switch on motion highlighting to see where on the image motion is being detected. Useful when setting up motion detection; also can be used to catch the eye when motion occurs
  • Darkness levelcan be defined. If pixels are darker than this level then no motion detection is performed on these pixels
  • Ability to use HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key. Useful when running as a service as both normally-run and run-as-service modes use same registry settings.
  • Multiple email recipientsfor alarm messages
  • Support for named presets: For cameras that support preset positions you can now associate names with preset numbers (eg front yard, car park).

New in version 1.7:
  • Remote Access:You can access the cameras and recordings from a remote location using N etcam Watcher Remote Control.
  • Quad Display:You can rotate the pictures shown on the quad display so you can show the first four, the second four, and so on.
  • New Alarm Action:Open web page in browser of camera that caused alarm.
  • FTP:Now you can automatically return a camera to home position (preset number 1) before FTPing images to a remote host, so the same shot gets sent each time.
  • Motion and Offline Alarmscan now be enabled separately, so you can have for example only offline alarms.
  • Test Alarmfacility to allow easy testing of alarms.
  • TCP activated Motion Detection:Motion recording can be started and stopped by TCP messages. This is mainly to support devices that support built-in motion detection such ax Axis 241 servers.
  • SMTP Authentication:Added ability to specify Username and Password for SMTP (email) servers that require this.

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