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Pelco 13ZD5.5X30 Lens 1/3" 5.5-165mm

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Item Number: 13ZD5.5X30
Pelco Lens, 1/3" format motorized zoom auto iris (direct drive) with spot filter, 30X motorized zoom and focus,5.5-165mm, f1.6-360, CS-mount.

13ZD*X* Series Motorized Zoom Lenses 1/3-INCH FORMAT, AUTO IRIS (DIRECT DRIVE)

Product Features

* "CS" Mount 
* For use with 1/3-Inch Format Cameras 
* Auto Iris (Direct Drive, No Amplifier), Motorized Focus and Zoom (with or without Presets) 
* High Resolution Power in Compact Body

Pelco’s 1/3" 13ZD*X* Series of lenses all feature motorized zoom, focus and DC drive auto-iris. All lenses are CS-mount. A factory installed 4-pin auto-iris connector is standard, and zoom and focus functions are pre-connectorized with a 6-pin Hirschmann connector or 9-pin amp CPC connector (Preset Position versions) for ease of installation and convenience.

Five focal length ranges are available in this series.

13ZD6X6(P) The focal lengths of this DC drive auto-iris 6X lens range from 6mm to 36mm. This lens is an aspherical design which gives it a relative aperture of f0.95 for difficult low-light applications. A preset-positioning version is available. This is a compact and high performance design.

13ZD6X8(P) The focal lengths of this 8X f1.4 lens range from 6mm to 48mm. This economical lens is a good choice for a general purpose zoom application where a DC drive auto-iris is desirable or required. Preset-positioning version is available.

13ZD6X10(P) The focal lengths of this 10X f1.6 lens range from 6mm to 60mm. This product is a good general purpose lens for applications that require a little more zoom. This is an economical and compact lens that has all the features of the 6X lens.

13ZD6X15(P) This DC drive auto-iris lens is a good choice for longer range applications. The focal lengths of this 15X f1.6 lens range from 6mm to 90mm. The 90mm focal length of this lens gives a 16 foot wide field of view at 100 yards.

13ZD5.6X20(P) The focal lengths of this 20X f1.6 lens range from 5.6mm to 112mm. This unique lens has a very wide range of focal lengths from wide angle to full telephoto. This gives a 12 foot wide field of view at 100 yards while still giving a 240 foot view at the widest setting. This makes for a versatile DC drive auto iris lens that is also available in the preset-positioning version.

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