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TCP/IP JumpStart:Internet Protocol Basics

by Andrew Blank Paperback - 320 pages 2nd edition (March 2002) Click Here for Price and Order Information Provides everything you need to know about TCP/IP to get started in Internetworking. Clarifies complex topics with simple explanations and realistic, easy-to-understand examples. Whether you're setting out to earn a networking certification or just want to know more about how the Internet works, this fully updated edition of TCP/IP JumpStart is the place to start. Inside, a veteran network administrator and instructor demystifies every aspect of TCP/IP, giving you a firm footing from which you can realize your goals. Coverage includes: TCP/IP fundamentals Protocols The OSI Reference Model IP addressing Subnet masks Custom subnetting Supernetting and CIDR Assigning addresses to TCP/IP hosts Name resolution Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic DNS Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) TCP/IP support in Windows 2000/XP The future of TCP/IP.

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